A Guide to Style Bangs During Grow Out

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Bangs are a great way to add personality to your look. But when it’s time to grow out, you might not know how to style them. This blog post offers three ways so that you can still rock your bangs after the hair grows back in!

Bangs are an easy way to update your look and complete your hairstyle. The only problem is that when they’re growing back in, there’s no hiding them. Read on for some tips on how to style them during this transition period.

There are plenty of reasons women may want their bangs cut off – too much volume in the forehead area, need change, or just because they like shorter styles better than longer ones.

Growing out your bangs: styling tips and tricks

It’s been a long time since you’ve seen your hairstylist, and now that it’s grown out a little bit, you’re ready to get bangs again. But how do you style them in-between visits? We have the answer! With these styling hacks, we’ll help keep those strands off of your face and look their best during this awkward grow-out phase. Start by using dry shampoo at the roots when needed to add texture and depth, then try some texturizing spray or wax for added grip without weighing down fine hair. Finally, use pins or bobby pins to hold back any flyaways.

During normal grow out (without trimming or cutting for shape), you should allow your hair to grow out until the line of demarcation where your hair was previously cut. While you can be wearing a rectangle-style wig below this line, we recommend that you avoid styling bangs during growing out. The reason is that there may be an inconsistency between the length of your natural hair (which has grown out) and the bangs (which are at their shortest in the growing-out stage).

If you attempt to style bangs in this process, it will look unnatural. If you insist on continuing to wear a particular style with short bangs during this grow-out phase, you can trim the bangs to match the length of the rest of your hair. However, we recommend that you avoid cutting your hair during this time, as it is crucial in the growing out process.

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Ways to get rid of awkward grown-out bangs

If you’ve been growing out your bangs, they might be getting a little awkward. Here are some of my favorite ways to get rid of awkward grown-out bangs.

  1. Get a haircut and have the hairstylist trim off the ends so that it’s even with your face. You could also go for an asymmetrical haircut or add bangs to one side only.
  2. Use the texturizing spray before blow-drying your bangs after washing them. This will give you more volume and help create natural-looking layering in your hairstyle, making it easier to style away from your face
  3. If all else fails, tuck those pesky long locks behind your ears!