Our Story

Artist Of The Written Word believes that cleaner formulas promote healthier skin and hair. That’s why Artist Of The Written Word’s, only creates products using the highest quality ingredients and with the most ethical and environmentally conscious manufacturing practices. Their dedicated team has helped Artist Of The Written Word flourish as the leader in innovative hair color and care for more than 14 years.

In 2007, Julia Hayes, General Director of Artist Of The Written Word traveled to the US to learn about hair care and coloring from top professionals. Encouraged by founder and General Director, Julia spent countless hours in a lab working on an ammonia-free hair color formula that she felt would empower women—in US and around the globe—to feel confident about their hair color and themselves.

In 2010, Christiana Anderson, Artist Of The Written Word USA distributor, sparked an opportunity to bring Artist Of The Written Word’s innovative, gentle formulas to the United States. Finally, people across the United States could have access to a cleaner permanent hair color and hair care products! Today, Christiana, her daughter Brandi, and a dedicated team work to help customers be their best and make Artist Of The Written Word accessible at health food stores and online retailers nationwide.