The Beginner’s Guide to an Eye Makeup Routine

Eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow are the main staples of a woman’s makeup routine. However, there is something to be said for enhancing your natural beauty with these techniques. No matter what skill level you may fall into or what time you have in your day for this type of project- we will help guide you through all steps necessary to make it happen!

To get started: here’s what you’ll need: bronzer (to serve as the base), an eyelash curler (for those lashes!), concealer/foundation (depending on skin tone), eye primer (to prevent creasing & fading), eyebrow pencils and powder (or brow gel) to fill in sparse areas and give them shape.

One of the most important features on your face is your eyebrows. Not only do they frame your face, but they also play an important role in facial expressions. So it’s no wonder that so many women take the time to properly groom their eyebrows. If you’re looking for a way to enhance your eyebrow makeup, then you should try out a tutorial like this one. In just a few simple steps, you can have perfectly shaped and defined eyebrows that will make you look younger and more polished. So don’t wait any longer – give this tutorial a try today!

No matter what your beauty goals are, there is one thing that we all share: an eye makeup routine. This post will help you learn the basics of creating a foolproof eye makeup look for those days when you’re running late and need to dress up quickly.

eyebrow makeup

The first step in any good eye look is applying primer or concealer to areas where needed (under eyes, on eyelids). Next comes foundation and powder (we recommend using a setting spray as well) followed by contouring with shadows and highlighting with shimmery colors. Apply mascara last – this helps avoid smudging – then finish off with a lip stain! With these tips, you’ll be able to create your own custom looks without spending too much time on them.

How to make your eyebrows look flawless?

Eyebrows frame the face and can make a big difference in your overall appearance. Here’s a quick guide to get you on your way to eyebrow perfection!

Prep the brow

eyeshadowUsing an eye shadow brush, fill in brows with the color closest to hair color. This will help disguise any redness and make the brows look more natural.

Draw the outline

Shape your eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil in a shade that is lighter than your brow color. This will give you a base to work off of when filling in the rest of your brows. [Note: Some people prefer to use a pencil with a hard lead for a more precise line, while others prefer a softer lead for a more natural look.]

Fill in the brows

Use a brow brush or angled eye shadow brush to fill in the brows using light feathery strokes. Be sure to go in the direction of hair growth, and don’t over-fill.