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A profusely illustrated, 264 page, full-color retrospective of John Stevens’ work with letterforms. Includes calligraphy and lettering artworks, personal work, experimental work, commissioned work — as well as graphic work and type design. His body of work spans paper to stone, books to walls, to type and the digital realm. This book is for letter-lovers: graphic designers, calligraphers, typophiles and anyone interested in the art/craft of word images.

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With his art and words, John Stevens provides 
insight into the ideas and themes behind his work, illuminating a path to excellence, 
variety, and expression in calligraphy and lettering design. The clear text describes how John approaches projects and opens a view into his creative process. In a gentle voice, allowing his sense of humor to come through, he shares his thoughts on topics such as the interaction of rhythm, form, and movement; chaos and order; and “broad-edged Zen,” to name only a few. You are brought into his world as he tells of his experiences with projects and clients, how the digital world has affected the practice of the craft, and why it does not matter if creating letter works is a craft or an art. While this is not an instructional book, you learn John’s views on a calligrapher’s education as he 
relates how letter-making and problem-solving can be approached. He discusses what paths can lead to a greater understanding of 
calligraphic form, providing a glimpse into how he conducts his classes and workshops. You will see letterforms differently as you become aware of the possibilities inherent in the form and the ways of connecting calligraphy, expression, art, and graphic design.




In the text, John presents his approach to a design or work and his thoughts on letterforms, and continues with a discussion on tools, teaching, design and writing in general. Using his body of work as example, he makes the case that barriers between fine arts and graphic arts are mostly irrelevant.
B2982. John Stevens SCRIBE: Artist of the Written Word. 264pp. 8.75″x11.25″. Hardcover $49.95

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  1. Stolper Hildegard says:

    Würde gerne Bücher bestellen. Spreche aber leider kein Englisch

  2. John Neal says:

    Bitte entschuldigen Sie mein Deutsch ist es via google translte.
    Das Buch mit dem Versand nach Deutschland ist $ 97,95 einschließlich Luftpost Versand.
    Sie können mit einer Kreditkarte oder Online-Überweisung auf eine deutsche Bank accoun (72,75 Euro) zu zahlen. Wenn Sie mit einer Kreditkarte bezahlen, bestimmt Ihre Kreditkarten-Unternehmen das Wechselkursrisiko.
    Lassen Sie mich wissen, wie Sie bezahlen und ich werde senden Ihnen Anweisungen wollen.

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